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Technische Akademie Wuppertal
External Institute of the Technical University Aachen

Last seminar
May 11th 2004 in Essen, Haus der Technik
Details (PDF-Document)

Seminar Vibrating Screens and Optoelectronic Sorting Systems (in German language)

· Technical applications of mechanical vibrations
· Positively generated mechanical vibration in the nature

1. Types of vibrating screens
1.1 Laboratory screens
1.2 Industrial screens
1.3 Planing screening plants
1.4 Influence of the screening material

2. Theoretical basics
2.1 Acceleration
2.2 Definitions of screening mathematics
2.3 Screening efficiency

3. Design points of view
3.1 Vibrating systems
3.2 Generating vibrations
3.3 Calculating the essential forces
3.4 Eigen-Vibrations

4. Possible failures of vibrating equipment
4.1 Mechanical defects
4.2 Electrical defects
4.3 Process faults
4.4 Preventing defects by means of MONITORING

5. Reducing effects on the environment
5.1 Noise
5.2 Vibration of foundations
5.3 Air vibrations (Infrasound)

6. Optoelectronic sorting
6.1 Advantages over screening
6.2 Some practical applications
6.3 Limits of applicability

7. Trends and future objectives
7.1 Finite element Method (FEM)
7.2 Computer simulation
7.3 Communication